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Jugger Tournament in Berlin: all 4 countries will be there in 2008

Friends of jugger may look forward to 2008: This summer, at the 13th and 14th of September, all four active Jugger countries will be present at the Jugger Tournament 2008 in Berlin.
Denmark and Ireland want to come, and even Australia has put a team together and will travel all the way to challenge the German Juggers on the field! There might even join us someone from overseas, but that is not clear yet ...
Any other country putting a team together is of course very welcome to join us, too, just contact us, ideally via the international forum or Mail or PM to Ein Uhu for the international co-ordination or also Lester for Berlin-specific questions.

This will be the first truly world-wide Jugger tournament in history, so get prepared ;-)
As always, we (Berlin) will be able to provide accomodation for the tournament, but we also invite all Juggers to join our camp, which will be at the tournament grounds - this year had been excellent, with a nice barbecue evening and night-time "pompfing" ...

Berlin Tournament Grounds, 2007, Photo: (c) Hahn

An Introduction on our Jugger - under construction - 0.75a

I have edited the little, and very amateur, "What is Jugger"-vid further (for example, replaced the tournament clip by a better one), though it still lacks good footage; as soon as I get my hands on some (and have time), I will enhance it ... promised ... well, here is the preview.
Thanks to Brian "Sonic Clang" Kline for the excellent music, which he had originally written for Doom3.

EDIT: Here is the new version, 0.8a (added spoken comments)