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Jugger in Spain

Happy new year for all!!

Ten months ago we heard about Jugger in a meeting in Spain. If you see youtube videos it’s not exactly Jugger, but it was enough for us to start searching about the game.

We found a Jugger German rules in the Spanish wikipedia, and we look for somebody who could translate it.

Two workmates (Frederike Hoff and Frederic Yvan Lapuente) help us with the translation. We didn’t get all the rules translated, but enough to start playing.

We had been playing combat with foam swords for some years, but only combat. First time we played Jugger it looked more hokey than jugger, but we like it very much.

We add Jugger to training sessions every Sunday we get enough people to play.

On November we organize a meeting to play softcombat (is how we call here the combat with foam swords), Mölkky, and things like this. For this meeting we make some Pompfes following german rules (until then we had played Jugger with our normal foam weapons) to show the people what was Jugger.

Then we started to speak to organize a Jugger Tournament, but we needed all the Jugger rules, so I contacted with Ruben and Lester (thank you very much for the help), who gave me all the information we needed to start playing.

We don’t have teams, we are only 15 friends who go park to play, but we are starting with official rules, we will organize a tournament when we have people enough, and I hope we will be in 2010 in Berlin for the II Open.

Now we have just open a forum ( to contact with more people in Spain and to prepare jugger activities and we are working with Ruben to have an up-to-date rules in Spanish.

I hope you will hear more about us early.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! Frohes Neues Jahr! ¡feliz año nuevo!

A good time of heavy Jugger to all, many tournaments and many delightful international fights! May the dog skull roll even further around the world this year.

In other news, a new German general Jugger forum has been started today. We worked hard to make it a long-lasting solution for all German Juggers - and of course, I saw to it that an international section has been included, where Juggers all around the world may chat and discuss. Have fun!

Here is the link:

Please always link to this adress, not the "real" adress the subdomain forwards you to (since you will have a broken link if the forum is moved).