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Local Berlin League

This spring, we start the local Berlin Jugger League. With the Berliner Juggerpokal, a tournament for local teams, being staged for the third time, we thought it might be the right time to have a local league as well. And it will be excellent training - for players as well as for referees.

Every week-end, a pair of teams takes part in a challenge. Each challenge consists of separate games.
Each game lasts until a team scores 7 points (no stone count limit).
The team winning 3 games has won the challenge.
The results uncover the further pairings.

Teams participating:
Skúll (TSV Rudow)
Lluchse (TSV Rudow)
Rigor Mortis (jugger e.V.)
BSR (jugger e.V.)
GAG (jugger e.V.)
Falco jugger (jugger e.V.)

The Falcones44, a project of the Albert-Schweitzer-School Neukölln (9th grade), will only participate in the Berliner Juggerpokal.

We also changed the rule for staying down for Berlin.
When hit, a player gets down on at least one knee, takes one hand from his Pompfe and starts counting with the hand behind his back. As soon as he has finished counting (5/8 stones) and lifts the knee from the ground, he is allowed to strike - since he first has to grab his pomfey, there is no need for the artificial "get-up-don't-hit-time" we had before.

Let's look how it works...

PS. Also the step-by-step pomfey making PDF (in German, but lots of pictures) has been updated.