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New Jugger handbook now published

It took a bit more time than estimated – about two years –, but Ruben has just published his fourth book on Jugger "JUGGER – Das Praxisbuch. Grundlagen, Training, Teambuilding", now focusing on training methods and strategy.
As in Judo and Karate handbooks, step-by-step "motion" pictures show basic steps for fighting with the different German type spars. Football-like plans explain strategic moves. The book has got an impressive, full-color layout and print, hardcover, and is set in A4 landscape format (about 29x21cm).

While the plans for an English translation are unknown, the Swedish one is on the way and should be published by september.

Read more on the pages of the publisher and in Uhus finest-assorted Weblog Droppings for a comment of the author.

New Jugger handbook
New Jugger Handbook
New Jugger Handbook
New Jugger Handbook