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Local Berlin League

This spring, we start the local Berlin Jugger League. With the Berliner Juggerpokal, a tournament for local teams, being staged for the third time, we thought it might be the right time to have a local league as well. And it will be excellent training - for players as well as for referees.

Every week-end, a pair of teams takes part in a challenge. Each challenge consists of separate games.
Each game lasts until a team scores 7 points (no stone count limit).
The team winning 3 games has won the challenge.
The results uncover the further pairings.

Teams participating:
Skúll (TSV Rudow)
Lluchse (TSV Rudow)
Rigor Mortis (jugger e.V.)
BSR (jugger e.V.)
GAG (jugger e.V.)
Falco jugger (jugger e.V.)

The Falcones44, a project of the Albert-Schweitzer-School Neukölln (9th grade), will only participate in the Berliner Juggerpokal.

We also changed the rule for staying down for Berlin.
When hit, a player gets down on at least one knee, takes one hand from his Pompfe and starts counting with the hand behind his back. As soon as he has finished counting (5/8 stones) and lifts the knee from the ground, he is allowed to strike - since he first has to grab his pomfey, there is no need for the artificial "get-up-don't-hit-time" we had before.

Let's look how it works...

PS. Also the step-by-step pomfey making PDF (in German, but lots of pictures) has been updated.

Jugger Castellano

Please Visit Jugger En Castellano.

En esta ocacion el anuncio es solamente en Español porque es especialmente para los amigos de habla Hispana, Hemos creado un Website en el cual podran encontrar todo sobre creacion de armas, tutoriales, reglamento y mas en Español... Esperemos que esto incentive a nuevos paises de America a crear su propia liga de jugger y salir a la luz.


(Es el nuevo webiste acerca de jugger solo en español / Is the new Website Only Spanish about Jugger)

We also have sections jugger Spain and we expect
friends from other Spanish speaking countries come closer and
let the news of their countries to make a big
community of friends jugger

And maybe in a future create the first Spanish's Tournament at America

Jugger in Spain

Happy new year for all!!

Ten months ago we heard about Jugger in a meeting in Spain. If you see youtube videos it’s not exactly Jugger, but it was enough for us to start searching about the game.

We found a Jugger German rules in the Spanish wikipedia, and we look for somebody who could translate it.

Two workmates (Frederike Hoff and Frederic Yvan Lapuente) help us with the translation. We didn’t get all the rules translated, but enough to start playing.

We had been playing combat with foam swords for some years, but only combat. First time we played Jugger it looked more hokey than jugger, but we like it very much.

We add Jugger to training sessions every Sunday we get enough people to play.

On November we organize a meeting to play softcombat (is how we call here the combat with foam swords), Mölkky, and things like this. For this meeting we make some Pompfes following german rules (until then we had played Jugger with our normal foam weapons) to show the people what was Jugger.

Then we started to speak to organize a Jugger Tournament, but we needed all the Jugger rules, so I contacted with Ruben and Lester (thank you very much for the help), who gave me all the information we needed to start playing.

We don’t have teams, we are only 15 friends who go park to play, but we are starting with official rules, we will organize a tournament when we have people enough, and I hope we will be in 2010 in Berlin for the II Open.

Now we have just open a forum ( to contact with more people in Spain and to prepare jugger activities and we are working with Ruben to have an up-to-date rules in Spanish.

I hope you will hear more about us early.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! Frohes Neues Jahr! ¡feliz año nuevo!

A good time of heavy Jugger to all, many tournaments and many delightful international fights! May the dog skull roll even further around the world this year.

In other news, a new German general Jugger forum has been started today. We worked hard to make it a long-lasting solution for all German Juggers - and of course, I saw to it that an international section has been included, where Juggers all around the world may chat and discuss. Have fun!

Here is the link:

Please always link to this adress, not the "real" adress the subdomain forwards you to (since you will have a broken link if the forum is moved).

Jugger training locations world map

As reported in Uhus finest - assorted Weblog Droppings, thanks to Adam from the Australian Redbacks there is a Google Map with the world-wide precise training locations (to be finished). So if you visit a country where Juggers are around, just have a look at the Google Map to see where a team does training.Contact Ein Uhu or Adam to add locations (ideally with the precise location). Green stands for precise locations, blue for cities, yellow for tournament grounds.

View Larger Map

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1. German Open in Berlin: Green Surprise

The first German Open of "League Jugger" were held in Berlin at the 13th/14th of September. The weather was excellent, about thirty teams came and fought for the dog skull.

The biggest surprise happened in the finals. Rigor Mortis, unchallenged for years except by the old Hamburg team, was beaten in a stunning game against Grünanlagen Guerilla. A Golden Jugg finished the game after a 10:10 skulls draw at 300 stones. Grünanlagen Guerilla never won a tournament game against Rigor before, along with all other Jugger teams except Hamburg ... now, with a new chain from the former team KSJ, they rocked the house.

GAG-Siegesfeier / LLL
Photo: Liquid Eye / Susanne Serwe
More pictures

Along with the Irish, the Australians seemed to have a really great time - also they were quite intrigued by some national traditions:
"The captain of the Irish team displayed a great rapidity of verbal output as well as great pride in his undergarments which he insisted on displaying down the field (a display which was returned with pride by one of the German qwiks later in the day)."
Also great was the game Australia vs. Ireland, played by a combination of Oz and Èire rules. The Oz Redbacks played with great enthusiasm and loved to beat up a German national team by playing by their own rules: The skull in the center circle, stakes, doubles and hits to the elbows and knees do not count as hits - a very fast game with long sequences of pomfey fighting, very different to German style Jugger, and very fascinating! As Adam put it:
"the experience of more than 100 Juggers yelling that chant is somthing that will be with all of us for a very long time."

Mark, in Deckung von Simon

FINALLY: The first book on Jugger is available in English!


Addendum: The Jugger book is also available in Black & White print, at Lulu Marketplace, for small budgets. But be assured, the color print looks much, much better ...

After days and days of translating, layouting, picture-cmyking, typesetting, typesetting, typesetting and a lot of furious cursing, I managed to get the first book on Jugger translated - with loads of new, stunning action shots, a detailed pomfey making step-by-step guide (now with pictures as well) and news on the international section. Here we go: "Jugger. A post-apocalyptic sport for all occasions"!

Thanks to Adam Horsten of Jugging Brisbane who did a thorrough proofreading and who was a great help with Jugger terminology, the book may now be purchased at Lulu (it will be available via amazon as well soon, but it does not always have to be the big fish who gets the worm, should it?). Of course, it is not cheap - 110 pages in full-color print do cost a bit ... but this is not my fault, to avoid all suspicion: I am earning incredible 31 cent (as in "small change", not as in "percent") share per issue sold; except if you buy it directly at Lulu's, where I get a bit more. Bahamas, here I come!

I hope that the book may help a bit in spreading the fascination for this unique sport. It would be a pleasure to play versus
British (especially for the Irish, I assume ...), Canadian and US teams as well, and maybe even all the many others who might not be that proficient with German but with English.

Any publisher who is interested in printing this title may contact the German publisher, Verlag an der Ruhr (rights at verlagruhr dot de) for licensing. As soon as that happens, the title will no longer be available via the current printer, of course.

Ruben Philipp Wickenhäuser: Jugger. A post-apocalyptic sport for all occasions, Morrisville 2008, 29,95€, ISBN 13: 978-1-40922920-9 (soon to be applied) - details and ordering. Website support will be online soon.



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Inauguration of The League of Jugger in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the first country to implement the Americas Jugger

On Saturday August 23, 2008 took place jugger the first tournament in Costa Rica, with the official inauguration of the league, At this moment there are 6 teams in the league, of which only 3 participated on Saturday August 23, for on Saturday August 30 did not meet again to make another small tournament with 6 teams.

Here are leaving a photo of some of the equipment and a video of the first encounter ::Morrigan Jugger Club:: vs ::Berg Krigers::

Teams in Pic: Morrigan, Berg Krigers, The Varangians, Dë Evil Drinkën Trolls
**Clic to Zoom**