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Interesting Items

Greetings Juggers,

Just a little introduction before I hand this post over to another of the Australian Juggers to tell a story that should interest everyone involved in Jugger. Recenty one of the Brisbane Juggers completed a journey that has taken quite some time and has located some...interesting items....some people have already seen the items and are either intruiged or giddy with excitement that they have been found.

With that I hand over to the fiend to explain what was found and tell his story.

Make sure you read ALL the way to the bottom of the post for a link to some interesting pictures.

it's kind of odd to be a fan of "salute of the jugger", here in australia.

the film tends to be over-looked in favour of the mad max movies, all of which were filmed locally.

but one series outweighs one film.

occasionally, when talking about playing the game, you meet a few people who remember having seen the movie, a long time ago...

i guess, for me, this particular story started back in 2005, when i started playing and i was talking to a friend of mine who said something along the lines of "my parent used to own a video store and they sent the armour from the movie and some weapons around [that chain of stores] to promote the video."

at the time i pushed it back in my mind as i thought, "well, who know's where that all wound up..."

fast forward to late 2006. i'm sitting back at the house i lived in, at that time, and i was showing off my weapons to a friend who was up on a rare visit from melbourne.

"oh, i remember that movie," she said, "i actually know a guy who's got some of the weapons and armour."

"huh?" i cleverly replied.

"yes, he worked at a video store in adelaide and when they took the suits around australia, they finished their trip there and no one came to collect them, so he got to keep them."

thus began a year and a half of cross talking and thinking and planning and re-planning as we tried to organise a way to meet up and verify that there were the genuine articles.

in the end, by fate, my friend moved back to adelaide and i happened to be passing through on business and on the sunday morning of the 25th of may, 2008, i laid my eyes upon what could only be considered the holy grail of the sport of jugger...

now, from tales that i had heard and my own conjecture, i was assuming that i'd find a suit of armour and maybe a staff weapon.

insted what i found was one complete set of armour (some of which never even got worn in the movie, but still bears the chalked-in name of the character who was to wear it) as well as a bunch of other armour pieces, the staff weapon used by cimber (the female enforcer) and the chain weapon of young gar.

the same chain that vincent d'onofrio swung in the australian outback 20 years ago.

in short order i arranged for the "merchandise" to make it's way back to brisbane, to allow us to use it for displays and the like. the gentleman who had procured these items had let me take all but the chain, but was kind enough to let me swing it a few times in his front driveway.

as arrangements were being finalised, he relented.

"i did want to keep the one piece," he said, "but after seeing how you reacted when you saw it, i'll let you have it, if you're still interested."

the fiend
it's in my house, right now. and every time i think about how that's a fact, i get giddy.



It is real, the fiend showed it to me, If you want to see what the fiend found have a look HERE

EDIT Due to heavy SPAM in the comments, I was forced to disable that function for some time - Uhu

Jugger sightings: Spain and Italia

From time to time, rumos pop up that Jugger would be played in Italia as well. Up to now, this is unconfirmed, at least concering regular games or training; but there are some dubious sightings of The Game, mostly at youtube. Here is an Italian example, kind of a backstreet-variant:

Also, a clip has been sighted which seems to originate from Spain. Watch it here:

Both appear to be quite spontaneous events, but nevertheless we may hope that they are the piloting pebbles of a landslide ...

Thanks to Fred from Trollfaust for the link to the last clip!

Pompfen, boffers or weapons?

A question is rattling around El Uhus little brain for some time now. How should we specify the "weapon" we are using in Jugger?
Since a weapon is by itself a little (or big) nasty thingie to injure or to kill, that term might be used well to put gravel on the wild and anarchic aspect of Jugger. But it certainly doesn't fit to describe the stuff correctly.

At least in Germany, Jugger Pompfen are a type of padded "weapons", some designs not comparable to LARP weapons, while others, like Hamburgian/Heidelberg staffs, are also used at LARP events. Some designs are specifically made for high-speed sportive use and have their own tight safety regulations, measures and materials, based on years and years of experimenting and usage (for example, a Jugger Pompfe does not have blade-style applications or points). Nota bene: The term "Pompfe" is also used for LARP weapons as well.

In Germany, the term "Pompfe" has more or less won the race. It is told that it roots back to LARP events where it has been derived from the sound it makes at impact. For the English speaking world, it might be a bit unusual to pronounce. Or not? What do you think?

I stumbled across the term "boffer" for LARP weapons in the US (see corresponding entry in wikipedia: Foam weapon), which sounds great in English. So that could be a real alternative for international use.

It would be interesting to hear what Juggers think - which term fits best for Jugger "weapons" to describe their qualities best?

a.) (Jugger-) Pompfen,
b.) (Jugger-) Boffers,
c.) ... do you have a good idea?

Australia has also set up a poll related to this question.

International Juggertournament in Ireland - and we survived...

The tournamend is over and after a week full of calmness and well-working showers,
I feel strong enough to write the experienced down.

First of all, I want to start with a great success i didn't expected:

My team "Bang" that was formed only for this tournament reached the
4th. place.

Here is the the list with the positionings of all teams:

1. Torpedo Senf (Hamburg)
2. Hobbits A (Heidelberg)
3. Last Zela Standing (Bad Oldesloe)
4. Bang (Lüneburg)
5. Setanta (Dublin)
6. Gang (Lüneburg)
7. Hobbits I (Heidelberg)
8. Hobbits Alpha (Heidelberg)
9. Chuchulainn (Dublin)

The tournament was completed with a very enthralling finale between
Torpedo Senf and Hobbits A - But the Hamburger Team dominated and
took the first Irish Juggercup home.

After the games on sunday we to reassembled in an irish pub (with an unpronounceable name)
and Mark gave some extra prices to the worst smelling player, the best haircut, the most
swearing on the field and many more.

After some hours of sleep we went back to our country but we are looking forward to next
irish tournament.

Erstes deutschlandweites (Mehrbenutzer-) Jugger-Blog ist online!

Die Lüneburger möchten alle aktiven Jugger herzlich zur aktiven Teilnahme am neuen Jugger-Blog einladen, das kürzlich online gegangen ist. Dank einer redakteurbasierten Nutzerverwaltung (wie auch hier im internationalen Blog) können einmal angemeldete dort eigenständig Neuigkeiten schreiben.
Es findet sich dort schon ein Einblick in die geplante Trainingswoche im August.

Damit sind es nun drei in der Runde: Neben dem Jugger-Blog dieses hier für internationale Themen und mit der Jugger-Kategorie von Uhus finest-assorted Weblog Droppings das "älteste" seiner Art, das aufgrund der verwendeten lokalrechnerbasierten Software (Thingamablog) ein Einbenutzerblog ist.

Erste Turniertermine - German (and Irish) Tournament Dates

Here we go - quite a lot this year ... to be continued:

04.-06.04. Dún Laoghaire (Irland)
19./20.04. Berliner Juggerpokal
03./04.05 Schleswig-Holstein-Meisterschaft (Bad Oldesloe)
17./18.05. Niedersachsen-Meisterschaft (Lüneburg)
24./25.05. Badische Meisterschaft (Freiburg)
31.05./01.06. Jena (?)
06.-08.06. Lübeck
20.06. Bayrische Meisterschaft (Waidhaus)
05.-06.07. bzw. 12./13.07. Lippstadt (?)
??./??.08. Paderborn (?)
Ende 08. Hamburg (?)
13./14.09. Deutsche Meisterschaft (Berlin)

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Happy new Year 2008 - lots of dogskulls for You!

Let's start into a new year full of dogskull hunting, new teams popping up everywhere, a stunning almost-to-be-called world championship at the 13th/14th of September in Berlin (all countries with active and known Jugger teams will be present) and lots of fun, of course!

Not more to be said at this point, really, party is waiting.

Juggers coming! .... in the US

With New Years Eve around the corner the whispers usually begin in the darkened corners of parties, after imbibing mass quantities and yearning for spring’s eternal rejuvenating properties. In the dead of winter, most plans are laid and alliances drawn for the coming event, held every year on the exact same weekend.

The third weekend in June is the traditional date set for national American Jugging tournament. The event is simply know as, Arakis. To understand the US version of Jugging, one needs the back story of the unique sport and the people who keep it alive.

American Jugging and Amtgard walk hand in hand. What the hell is Amtgard? It is a little know L.A.R.P. game that had its golden age in the American Southwest in the early to mid-nineteen nineties. This is a live action role playing game where participants engage in melee combat with padded weapons. It is not the only organization of this type, those idiots at IFGS come to mind, but there was a large collection of individuals who were interested in mass combat, not playing dress up. Not an official affiliation, just individuals who were like minded. In a game filled with wizards and blanket bunnies, this specific group of individuals were dedicated to force on force, tactical combat with melee weapons. Those people are the Stick Jocks.

The two largest cities involved were El Paso, Texas and Denver, Colorado. While El Paso is where Amtgard was created, Denver was established as the first sister city and a major rivalry was born. The stick jocks help fuel this rivalry like cross town football teams. El Paso became renowned for their sword and shield fighters, while Denver boasted the most dangerous Florentine style fighters in all of the kingdoms.

The Blood of Heroes was released by HBO direct to video in the days where direct to video marketing was being developed and explored. This is the only movie that David Webb Peoples has ever directed. David is also the screenwriter for Blade Runner, The Unforgiven, and Twelve Monkeys to name a few. Both Amtgard groups being aficionados of science fiction had viewed this movie independently from one another.

By the fall of nineteen-ninety many of the ardent stick jocks had gotten together to review the movie, ad nauseum, and devise not only a complete rules system but how to construct weapons safe enough to permit full force sparring with safety in mind. Or at least the perceived illusion of safety. Pick up games developed into regimented practices and team creation. By the time the annual Amtgard gathering arrived in July, both cities had developed fairly similar rules for jugging and nearly identical weapons construction.

In the fall of ninety-one, there had been several meetings between the two largest chapter members and a league wide all-thing was called. The rules for Jugging were official ratified by the start of nine-two. The annual Amtgard gathering was usually hosted by El Paso and was held the third weekend in July in New Mexico. El Paso felt that Jugging was a novelty and decided a small, informal, tournament was all the investment required for the festivities and announced so at the winter all-thing that year.

Enraged, the citizens of Denver contacted the population of Amtgard announcing their own plans for an event specifically dedicated to the sport of Jugging and nothing else. And to stick it to El Paso, it was going to be held the third weekend in June. This created even more bad blood between the sister cities and was met with adulation by the general duchies and baronies whose populaces began to train immediately for what would be, quite literally, the Super Bowl of Nerds. Many arguments have arisen over the years squabbling about whom created the rules for Jugging, but it was Denver that fostered and incubated the idea into the annual national event that it has become.

The original site for this event was the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. This Park is best described as if giants put a chunk of the Sahara Desert in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. The pictures on the website will give you a greater understanding of the terrain but the short story is that the backdrop for the event was unbelievable. The field was always placed along the creek riverbank with the sand dunes in the background and the Rockies looming behind them. Truly spectacular. The event drew its name from the sand dunes themselves, Arakis.

Over the years Arakis has evolved and even changed locations several times no longer being held at the national park. None has ever matched the beauty and majesty of those early years at the Great Sand Dunes, you can tell when you ask the old guard and they get that far off look, growing weepy and silent.