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Photos of Tipperary

I've uploaded some photos of the location for the Irish Tournement on our tournement facebook page. Irish Tournement Facebook

I'm also proud to announce the launch of our new Jugger Ireland website New Website . There is a section there where you can RSVP for the tournement if you don't like facebook. Also anyone who would like a precise address for the tournement email me and I'll send you a Google Maps link, Shona asked me not to post it directly up on the internet. Hope to see you all at the end of June!

NEW FROM THE VIKINGS!: Tournament 22th May 2010!

2010 is the year Skullfight is to be revived. The date will be May the 22th at 11 pm in Ribe, a small town in Southern Jutland. Hopefully there will be teams from all over Denmark fighting for the Skullfight-Trophy. Besides Danish teams we have a German skullfightteam joining the games.

I you are interested in participating, we kindly ask you to read and understand the terms and rules, furthermore it is of most importance that you study our guides for weapons and armor. There should be an English translation of the rules on the site. After you have read the rules, you are to send an email to register your participation, the emailadress is:

Please be aware that the Danish Skullfight is different from the game played in most internatonal leagues - therefor study the rules.

In the register email we would like to know your names, ages, e-maildresses and who is team-contact, plus his/hers phonenumber. If you have any member in the team at 16-17 of age, they have to print and fill the parental permission (forældretilladelse) and send it by mail to: Rune Kulmbak, Trojelsvej 39, 6760 Ribe, Denmark, before May the 15th.

We have to specify that Ripen LiveRollespil, the organization for the event, does not have insurance, and that Ripen LiveRollespil will not cover any material or injury incurred during the game.

On the day, we will be in the center of Ribe. There will be bottles of water to the participating teams, and around the location there are a lot of restaurants and public toilets. The event is part of Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary, and the towns annual TulipFestival, therefore we hope that a lot of people will come from the streets and see the games.

Salutations from New U.S.A. League!

The Competitive Underground Jugger League is just beginning its second pre-season now and we are excited to share news of it with the International Jugger community. We are an American jugger league located in St. Louis, Missouri in the U.S. midwest. Last year was our first full season and it went really well. We plan on making the upcoming season even bigger and better!

The C.U.J.L. is different in many ways from the most of the other jugger leagues in our rules and our methods. The most obvious difference in our league is that we play with rattan weapons "padded" with knobby bike tire and therefore we wear protective gear, mainly hockey, lacrosse and American football pads and helmets. With the protective gear we are able to include strikes to the head in our rules. We take plenty of bruises but overall it's pretty safe. There are plenty of other differences in the details of our rules but we also share plenty of commonalities with other jugger leagues... we LOVE the movie, Salute of the Jugger (Blood of Heroes for us here) and we love the game! More details on the C.U.J.L. can be found at

We are really impressed with how well many of the leagues out there have grown and how well they are organized and run. We hope to someday have even just a fraction of the success you've had!

We're only in pre-season practice and scrimmage right now and wont be starting the full-on competitive season until June. We meet every Saturday from 1-4pm at this location. Here's a few pictures to to give you all a look:




The Irish Tournement is on the web!

Here it is people: Irish Jugger Tournement 2010

If any of you are facebook members and you're thinking of coming we'd appreciate RSVPs :-)

Between the 25th and the 27th of June the tournement many of you know and love will be taking place down the countryside in lovely Tipp (where the hell is tipperary?), so pack your tents! All mod cons will be provided as per jugger custom: a bit of grass for tenting on, portaloos etc. So come one, come all and do us proud!

Na geill go bhfaightear sli!

German Jugger League re-formed

Logo der deutschen Jugger-Liga

Last saturday, Nine Cities (yes indeed) met to re-form the Jugger League statutes.

After a conference of 12 1/2 hours (with just a short break for lunch and three five-minute-breaks) and, as it is said, 90 votes, the League statutes have been written down.

The Jugger League council consists of representatives of the most experienced and committed Jugger cities and the Uhu as the neutral anchorman/moderator.
From this season onwards, a League tournament has to meet certain specifications; a League Jugger Team has to publish a pool of players, who may not play in other League teams; also, replacements from other teams are forbidden in League games (except if the 5th player is injured during a game). Also, a court of arbitration, consisting of three council members (members are changed for every case), can be applied to. And a new system how to issue League points has been set up.

We will see how it works, yet it sounds very promising. The council will meet again in fall 2010 and evaluate.

2nd German Open /13th Jugger Championships start Friday!

For your attention:

Because we expect about 40 teams, the 2nd German Open / 13th German Jugger Championships will start

Friday, Sept 10th 2010, 11 am
and last till
Sunday, Sept 12th 2010, 2 pm.

Otherwise it would be impossible to play all games. We hope there will be room for games by Jugger rules of other countries (like Australia) at Friday or Sunday.

So book your flights! Looking forward to see you!

Skullduggery brawling for the stake
Australian style Jugger with BIG hammer and pole.

12th German Championships in Berlin: 36 teams, great atmosphere

36 teams joined us at the 12th German Jugger Championships in Berlin. Even Ireland came to the tournament, Team Setanta.

Being the biggest Jugger event ever held in history, the teams were divided into eight groups with games on five separate pitches. The main pitch was equipped with galleries for numerous spectators, with Jugger League flags flapping in the wind. Weather on Saturday was perfect, sunny, but not too hot, whereas there was some moderate rain on Sunday (the Irish brought their weather with them, thanks) - no reason to stop playing.

Setanta - Läufer
The Irish Qwik during the Special Irish Weather Game Setanta vs. Falco jugger. Photo: Susanne Serwe

When Grünanlagen Guerilla, Berlin, former Champion, challenged Rigor Mortis, also from Berlin, in the 300 stone finals, emotions rose high. A very energetic game was met by enthusiastic spectators with choruses and screams, a stunning atmosphere indeed. Finally, Rigor Mortis beat GAG and won the German Championships trophy back.

Some excellent pictures are shown at flickr. And here is a first glimpse at one of the other games held at the main pitch. More to come!

Cranium Hunters Lüneburg versus Hannoverian Living Undeads.

For a report in German, please refer to Uhus finest-assorted Weblog Droppings.

Register for the 2nd German Open 2010!

To make it easier to book flights in time, we already fixed the date for the 2nd German Open!
The international Berlin Jugger Championships will be held at September 11 to 12 in 2010.

We would be happy if you would register your team(s) who are about to attend the Championships, at the Tournament System. Don't forget to leave a valid email address, for you have to click on the activation email before the registration process is complete. Contact Ein Uhu if this does not work.

The Australians used the opportunity of the 1st German Open in 2008 to make a trip through Germany and Ireland and visit and play with the local teams of other towns. Feel free to follow their example - they were very enthusiastic about it.

Please contact Ein Uhu for co-ordination and details.

A little update:
Australia said they will come with one, but hope to join us with 2 or even 3 teams! The Irish will go for the skull with one or two teams. And Spain currently gathers a team as well.


para hacerlo possible para vos otros que planeais vuestros viajes, ya tenemos la fecha del segundo German Open justa.

Sera bien, si podeis registrar los equipos quales desean visitarnos (tambien si todavia no lo teneis justo a 100%). Gracias!

German Championship, 2007, muti-camera takes