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The International Jugger Blog :: founding a team

You want to start up a Jugger group in your area, but are unsure on how to do that? Have you checked if there is one in your vicinity? 

Load the  Jugger Google Maps 

If not, no problem! Let us give you a hand ... so that we can meet on the field, hopefully soon. Watch the "How to start Your Team" video for tips, and grab some inspiration below!

  1. First of all, you need players. Best way is to suggest it to with friends first, and then start sparring in public, best in a nearby park. That often attracts curious people and potential players.

    Here are two videos to show to those who are interested ... "Jugger rules in 5 minutes" and, for dramatic gameplay impressions, "Jugger Masterclass Slow Motion Higlights". That rocks. 

  2. Start making spars. The more people you already got interested in, the more material you can order (makes postage cheaper), but don't hesitate to start small. You should get everything in a good store, and may use bamboo instead of fiberglass, which is teh exception (and usually to be ordered).  Here are two tutorials: "Making a lightweight stafff" (way is quite similar for all core rod spars) and the "Complete Spars Making Tutorial" (shield making is linked in the  description).

  3. Join the "Jugger Worldwide" facebook group, if you use facebook.  Then there is the German forum and a Reddit. 

  4. For your training, have a look at "Jugger Coach: A Complete Training" and   "21 Training Exercises" for inspiration!

  5. You'll find photos and graphics here on the International Jugger Bog to make flyers, add to a Jugger web page and such.

  6. Check out tournaments in your region! Many are registered at the JTR registration system.

  7. There are many more tutorials for duelling on the  internet. Check out the  YouTube channels mentioned above or learning how to play the mighty Chain, Jugger Staff 101, and similar ... and use the fantastic tournament match recordings for motivation! 

  8. Questions? Just contact us!


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