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10th annivercary of the Jugger society in Berlin

First tournament 1998Last saturday, the Berlin Juggers celebrated the first decade of the Jugger society in Berlin. The first tournament had been held at the Mauerpark in 1998. Now, ten years and ten tournaments later, the Jugger e.V. Berlin met at the c-base, the crashed space station, buried in the grounds below Berlin Mitte. In the flickering lights, surrounded by long-discarded control panels and abandoned alien technology, Jugger veterans and young warriors feasted, supported by two excellent live bands, slideshows with lots and lots of photos featuring Jugger over the years, and a selection of old and new Jugger videos. And once again, Lüneburg made the (quite long) way to us and joined into the event.

above: First Berlin Jugger tournament at the Mauerpark, 1998

It had been a great party. A moment to remember ...


The crashed space station


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Bernd on :

*Moin Uhu
nette Sache dieser Blog hier. Ich wäre gern auf der party gewesen ,aber Berlin ist von Freiburg so weit,
Ciao Bernd

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