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International Juggertournament in Ireland - and we survived...

The tournamend is over and after a week full of calmness and well-working showers,
I feel strong enough to write the experienced down.

First of all, I want to start with a great success i didn't expected:

My team "Bang" that was formed only for this tournament reached the
4th. place.

Here is the the list with the positionings of all teams:

1. Torpedo Senf (Hamburg)
2. Hobbits A (Heidelberg)
3. Last Zela Standing (Bad Oldesloe)
4. Bang (Lüneburg)
5. Setanta (Dublin)
6. Gang (Lüneburg)
7. Hobbits I (Heidelberg)
8. Hobbits Alpha (Heidelberg)
9. Chuchulainn (Dublin)

The tournament was completed with a very enthralling finale between
Torpedo Senf and Hobbits A - But the Hamburger Team dominated and
took the first Irish Juggercup home.

After the games on sunday we to reassembled in an irish pub (with an unpronounceable name)
and Mark gave some extra prices to the worst smelling player, the best haircut, the most
swearing on the field and many more.

After some hours of sleep we went back to our country but we are looking forward to next
irish tournament.