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Greetings from the Juggers of Australia

I think the best place to start is a quick introduction of who we are and what is happening with Jugger down here.

First of all for anyone who might not be geographically gifted Australia is in the bottom bit of the world some 15,000 Km from Germany the centre of all things Jugger. If you have a look at the pretty map of the World the two red arrows down the bottom are where you will find the Australian Juggers.

Jugging in Australia has been played since about 2000 and was started by Gavin Ellis on the Gold Coast in Queensland, near the top red arrow and was played there on and off until 2003 when it was moved to Brisbane. In 2006 the Melbourne Juggers started playing under the watchful eye of Tony who has now had the fun of organising Jugger for just over 12 months.

Brisbane and Melbourne both host regular games and we are gradually increasing the number of people who know about and play this great sport. The rules we use are a little different to the version of the game played in Germany – we are busy reading over the rules to learn them in time to send a team over to Berlin next year.

This December will see our first interstate Jugger meet, again for those unfamiliar it is about 1300 Km from Melbourne to Brisbane, which makes travel between the groups something of a major event.

Any of the international Juggers who find themselves down in this part of the world should feel welcome to drop in, say hi and join in the fun. Again Greetings from the Australian Juggers feel free to drop in and say Hello at