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Jugger has surfaced in China



Shamanovsky, Jugger zero Russia大家好,我叫谭泉,生活在中国北方的一个城市,天津。


与游戏不同,在游戏中屠龙打怪兽已经习以为常,然而第一次拿着武器站在一个只比你高半头的人面前,那种临场感不由得让人肾上腺素飙升,只能听见自己的心跳声。随着作战经验的增长,从一个新兵向老兵的转变,不再畏惧对手,更多的注意力转移到如何配合队友完成任务。无论是一次合作击杀还是保护球手上垒得分,都值得一个GIVE ME FIVE。

(Note /Uhu: One of our players pointed out that the chinese term for Jugger is "扎格", which is pronounced quite similarly to the English term.)

Read more, as well as the English translation, in the detailed  article view. 



Chinese Jugger League

As the Chinese Jugger Zero, I'll write an article in both English and Chinese.

Hello, my name is Tan Quan. I live in Tianjin, a city in the north of China. I first came across jugger in 2016, and this became my heroic dream. I began searching information, making spars[1], organising players, and finally experienced the fun of jugger.

Jugger is different from videogames, where you slay dragons and fight against monsters in a screen. When you stand for the first time in front of a person who is only half your head taller and is holding a spar, the sense of presence makes your adrenaline soar and you can only hear your own heartbeat. As you gain combat experience and turn from a new recruit into a veteran, you lose your fear of your opponent and focus your attention on how to cooperate with your teammates to win the match. Achieving a cooperative kill or protecting your runner so they can score on the goal are both worthy of a high five.

I've also met many interesting people through jugger. They come from all walks of life. When they go to the battlefield of jugger, all of them become heroes. We are not only comrades in battle, but also friends in life. Some players have found business partners here, and even some have become lovers.

Jugger is a really great game. I hope that more people can participate in it, and also hope that more people can participate in the promotion and development of jugger. After all, it can carry forward and inherit China's actual combat skills. I believe that jugger can also become a project in the Olympic Games through everyone's efforts in the near future.

Thanks for organizing the  translation to Arturo Pérez Amores.

[1] Note by the editor: Originally translated to "weapons". Since we use spars in Jugger, not weapons (see Uhus discussion on the term in his old blog post), the term has been adjusted—original Chinese meaning unknown.


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