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Mediziner-Gruppe auf Turnieren / Medics on Tournaments: Ordo physicorum

Nachdem Sanis auf Turnieren nur das Nötigste tun (müssen), es aber mit Zerrungen, Muskelkrämpfen oder auch einfach Unsicherheit bei Beschwerden durchaus darüber hinaus Bedarf gibt, würde ich gerne mal nachhören, wer von Euch mit medizinischem Hintergrund dabei wäre, sich als solcher auf Turnieren zu erkennen zu geben -- mittels (schicker Name muss sein, ist ja klar) des Ordo physicorum. Nach dem Motto: "Ich bin in bestimmten medizinischen Bereichen kompetent, Ihr könnt mich gern fragen, wenn Ihr entsprechende Beschwerden habt". 

In English: Currently, I am working on founding a nation-wide "tournament medics" group. Folks who are competent in different areas of health may "advertise" that through membership, at tournaments and so be visible as advisers if players are in need (from sprung ankles to muscular pain and such). They are no replacement for standard paramedics!
Could be interesting on an international level as well. I think YouTube does do automatic translations for subs (well does it?).

⇒ YouTube: Vorstellungsvideo

Text im  Forum mit Charta

ordo physicorum [jugger]

German Jugger Association forming: Membership, Organizational Chart

Deutscher Juggersport-Verband

In their latest newsletter, the Deutscher Juggersport-Verband DJSV (working title; German Sports Jugger Association) "launch group" has published more detailed information on the association's goals and the different models to become a member, both as a real person as as a club.
Note that all this is a draft and a suggestion for the founding meeting done by the group, which still has to take place in the nearer future.

Download the PDF via Dropbox with more details plus an organizational chart.

Jugger Rulebook Archives Update 2022

International Jugger Rulebooks ArchivePlease drop us your updated Jugger rulebooks for the International Jugger Rulebook Archive. First has been Svenska Juggerförbundet with their Swedish Jugger Rulebook v. 2.1, now also available in English! 

If your country has updated their rules as well, please drop us a link to the PDF* so that we can keep the archives updated. Thanks! 

*) Usage terms: Creative Commons or explicidly allowed to use for archive reasons by the IJB, of course