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Pompfen, boffers or weapons?

A question is rattling around El Uhus little brain for some time now. How should we specify the "weapon" we are using in Jugger?
Since a weapon is by itself a little (or big) nasty thingie to injure or to kill, that term might be used well to put gravel on the wild and anarchic aspect of Jugger. But it certainly doesn't fit to describe the stuff correctly.

At least in Germany, Jugger Pompfen are a type of padded "weapons", some designs not comparable to LARP weapons, while others, like Hamburgian/Heidelberg staffs, are also used at LARP events. Some designs are specifically made for high-speed sportive use and have their own tight safety regulations, measures and materials, based on years and years of experimenting and usage (for example, a Jugger Pompfe does not have blade-style applications or points). Nota bene: The term "Pompfe" is also used for LARP weapons as well.

In Germany, the term "Pompfe" has more or less won the race. It is told that it roots back to LARP events where it has been derived from the sound it makes at impact. For the English speaking world, it might be a bit unusual to pronounce. Or not? What do you think?

I stumbled across the term "boffer" for LARP weapons in the US (see corresponding entry in wikipedia: Foam weapon), which sounds great in English. So that could be a real alternative for international use.

It would be interesting to hear what Juggers think - which term fits best for Jugger "weapons" to describe their qualities best?

a.) (Jugger-) Pompfen,
b.) (Jugger-) Boffers,
c.) ... do you have a good idea?

Australia has also set up a poll related to this question.

Erstes gemeinsames deutsches Jugger-Regelwerk online

For our international readers:
You may use the link at the bottom-right corner of this entry to switch to the English version!
There is just a little bug, it should say "English, German" instead of "English, English".

Erstes bundesweites Jugger - RegelwerkEndlich ist es soweit: Nach einer ausführlichen Besprechung im Drachenblut-Forum ist nun dank dem Einsatz mehrerer Sportbegeisterter (oh Wunder, sogar aus Berlin und Hamburg
zugleich) das erste Jugger-Regelwerk als PDF verfügbar, das die Spiel-Optionen der meisten derzeit aktiven Städte mit einschließt. Wie es in der Natur der Sache liegt, wird sich auch dieses weiter erweitert werden, wachsen und sich verändern. Erst einmal ist dabei aber eine gute Übersicht und Grundlage geschaffen!

Das Layout ist auch noch nicht ganz perfekt, der Textwust stellte auf die Schnelle eine kleine Herausforderung dar ... also bitte keine Buchsatzansprüche ...

Wünsche wohl zu pompfen!