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testing: Aikido Jo techniques for the Q-Tip

People often wonder how effective martial arts experience would be in Jugger. Frankly, I don't know. So let's try to apply it. In this video, I transferred Aikido Jo techniques to the Jugger Q-Tip.

Jugger zero: Hall of Fame of the First Ones

Merits for active players

To motivate people to get involved into the organizational aspects of Jugger, a mert roundel may be of help to show their personal achievements.

[ Read more about their meaning and downloadable files ]

Jugger merit roundels


Hall of Fame: The First Ones

Jugger often starts thanks to the attachment and sweat of one or a few persons who, against all odds, hold to the thought that there must be Jugger in their country (and, most important, close to them). When Jugger starts rolling in their country, they have rightfully earned a shining title for their achievement: That of the "Jugger zero", or "Juggermaster zero". The name is inspired by their wish that Jugger will spread through the country like a positive kind of epidemic. And first sources of those are also called the "Number Zero".

To honour those first ones, here comes the list of Jugger zero's around the world. It is, of course, incomplete and needs your help to be continued—contact us if you know one more, or detect an error or inaccurate report!
Also, this "Hall of Fame" will be completed with photos and a more appealing layout, of course.

Hall of Fame: Jugger zero

Alpha Jugger David Webb Peoples 1989
~~~~~~~~::~~~~~~~~ ~~~~::~~~~ ~~~~
HH/HD/KA Deutschland 1993
Lester Deutschland 1993?
Gavin Australia 2000
Mark Hill Eire 2006
Santi España 2007
Errol Solano? Costa Rica 2008
Pedro Colombia 2011
Ruben the Uhu Sverige 2012
Regan Morgan New Zealand 2015?
? USA 2015?
Arkady "Shaman" Shamanovsky Russia 2016
Alex Schweiz 2018
Juggermaster Arkady "Shaman" Shamanovsky

Juggermaster Arkady "Shaman" Shamanovsky, Juggermaster zero of Russia

"I am Jugger" documentary online

For years, Alejandro Asensi travelled to Juggers around the world to complete his the "I am Jugger" documentary. Interviews with Jugger players and Jugger community brains of many countries and insights into many international tournaments shed a brilliant light on the complexity of this unusual sport.

1st Austrian Jugger Open

Es ist so weit! Das erste Jugger-Turnier Österreichs findet am 26. August in Wien statt! :-)

Jugger Vienna lädt ein zum 1st Austrian Jugger Open. Unser Verein ist so aktiv, wie nie zuvor und nach unserem ersten Turnier, dem First Open in Brno haben wir die Entscheidung gefällt, selbst ein Turnier zu organisieren.

Leider konnten wir den Termin nur zeitgleich mit dem Latvian Jugger Open anlegen - ein ander Termin wäre uns auch lieber gewesen, ist aber leider nicht möglich. Wir hoffen aber trotzdem auf reges Interesse! :-) Es gibt genügend Teams, um beide Turniere voll zu bekommen :-P

Wir sind (soweit wir wissen) der einzige Verein, der Jugger in Österreich betreibt und würden uns wahnsinnig freuen, viele internationale Gäste in unserer schönen Stadt begrüßen zu dürfen!

Das Turnier:
Die Facebook-Veranstaltung:

Liebe Grüße und ein Bussi aus Wien,
Jugger Vienna


Renaming: "Jugger Zero"

I always disliked the clumsy naming of the Juggermasters who introduced Jugger to a country. "Juggermaster - Founder" or "founding Juggermaster" just doesn't sound right. "Grandmaster" might be appropriate but tastes of an order and just sounds ... grand. See here. Alpha is reserved for David Webb peoples as the actual father of Jugger.
But since we play a sport that bases on a post-apocalyptic movie, I just got the idea from a Fuel Rat comment saying that the founder of the Rats would be "Rat Zero", since the idea has spread like a positive disease based on his initiative.

So why not rename this "position" as "Juggermaster Zero", "Jugger Zero" in short, the one where the addiction started spreading. A term that I think is much more pleasing, and also inspiring for design and graphics purposes.
... and it sounds cool.