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Some New Jugger Training Tutorials

For those who seek inspiration and advice for their Jugger trainings, there are some new videos out on YouTube.

What is Jugger [ver 1.0]

After 12 years, and 30 years after the release of the movie "Blood of Heroes", the original What is Jugger introduction video (ver. 0.85a) has been completely redone and now went live as What is Jugger 1.0, on YouTube

A Complete Training

In  Jugger Coach: Uhus Jugger Tutorials XI, a complete training session is presented as a quick walkthrough, featuring techniques from warm-up, individual skill training up to team training and team building.

 A Comprehensive Guide to the Basics 

Also, a new tutorial series has surfaced recently: "Der Königsweg" by Peter's Pawns features comprehensive and pointed, well-made focus tutorials on certain aspects, starting with the base stance for differnt spars types. Language is German, but it's absolutely worth to check it out! 

Addendum: Commented Finals at Deutsche Meisterschaft 2019 by Jugger Masterclass

Okay, this is not a training tutorial by itself, but it is brilliantly done: A professional sports channel-looking recording, including SloMos and live comments, of the DM 2019 Finals  in Berlin. Ansolutely worth watching and a good way to learn by the techniques of these two top-level Jugger teams! 

Embedded videos in the Extended Entry view ...

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Jugger has surfaced in China



Shamanovsky, Jugger zero Russia大家好,我叫谭泉,生活在中国北方的一个城市,天津。


与游戏不同,在游戏中屠龙打怪兽已经习以为常,然而第一次拿着武器站在一个只比你高半头的人面前,那种临场感不由得让人肾上腺素飙升,只能听见自己的心跳声。随着作战经验的增长,从一个新兵向老兵的转变,不再畏惧对手,更多的注意力转移到如何配合队友完成任务。无论是一次合作击杀还是保护球手上垒得分,都值得一个GIVE ME FIVE。

(Note /Uhu: One of our players pointed out that the chinese term for Jugger is "扎格", which is pronounced quite similarly to the English term.)

Read more, as well as the English translation, in the detailed  article view. 

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World Jugger Confabulatio: Call for Papers

Jugger e. V.At the World Club Championships, now with 114 registered teams, the Uhu, together with the Jugger e. V.,  wants to call representatives of all participating teams to a Jugger assembly -- the "World Jugger Confabulatio", so to speak. 

This offers be a unique chance to all of us to discuss topics with other teams all over the  world, in the  flesh. 

[Detailed information about the meeting]

Call for papers

For this event, we would like to learn about the topics you want to discuss. If there are more topics than time (we calculate a total of 3 hours, with a tight moderation and time limit on each topic), we will do a quick ballot on which should be discussed.  

Please submit: 

  • A very brief summary of your topic, 1-2 sentences
  • A link to the paper with any details about that topic (optinal, file type: PDF).

Submission may either be done through a Comment at the  Facebook event page, or by sending it through Uhu's contact form, or through e-mail to him directly. 

Huge Jugger World Championships 2020, Berlin

The greatest #Jugger world tournament ever is EDIT: NOT coming in 2020!

+++ Due to the Corona crisis, the  WCC has been postponed and should happen next year. +++ We will post a message when details are known. +++

Just a quick note here:

In 2020, August 7-9, over 100 Jugger teams will join and compete,organized by Jugger e. V. in Berlin. Inside a day, teams from these nations have already registered: France, Ireland, Spain, USA, Australia, Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia, Colombia, Austria.
There are 128 slots total and many slots reserved for international teams, plus even guaranteed participation for intercontinentals. Just keep in mind to meet the fee payment deadline to make your registration valid.

We are planning a meeting of representatives of each team and nation present, to discuss Jugger "globally" at an evening after the matches. Read more about the World Jugger Confabulatio

[ Link to the WCC 2020 Team Registration site ]



Järnsvenskan: Swedens international Jugger festival

For the seventh time, international teams have met at Järnsvenskan. During the last week-end, they fought for the skull at Sweden`s annual international Jugger festival, except for 2017 organized by the Uhu and Järnboås IF. 

Along with the tournament itself, Järnsvenskan has bands on stage, a sauna and a very comfy lake ... no wonder it attracts teams of different countries, all of them traveling to the small village of Järnboås, Bergslagen, every year. There have been USA, Australia, Russia, Ireland (every year except in 2019), Germany (every year) , Latvia, Lithuania, and many players from other countries battling over the skull.

And of course, plans for Järnsvenskan 2020  are already forming. Read more at the festival's website.



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Four Kingdoms: Jugger variant inspired by "Game of Thrones"

Four Kindoms Jugger variant

Kay Frank of the Orange Juggernauts has designed a Jugger game variant where four kingdoms fight for the throne. 

With the last season of "Game of Thrones" having come to an end this week, it was just one step to adapt the Four Kingdoms game to the popular show. 

He was so kind to allow me translating the rules into English and putting them in form, together with photos from the event. Note that they might be updated.

[ ⇒ Download rules (PDF) ]

[ Read also more about the event in a German newspaper ]

International Jugger rulebooks: Jugger Archive I

International Jugger Rulebooks

This is a collection of international Jugger rulebooks, including historical versions, where available. Countries in order of the fact-based knowledge of introduction of Jugger to them, where applicable, otherwise of their first rulebook's appearance.

If you know other national Jugger rulebooks, you are most welcome to drop us a note!

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